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Dive into the latest market trends and issues with our insights on Malaysia's biggest industries.

Halal Cosmetics in Malaysia Overview

Consumer & Retail

An Overview of the Halal Cosmetics Market in Malaysia

The halal cosmetics market in Malaysia has been experiencing significant growth. It is driven by a combination of increasing consumer awareness, government support, and the rising demand for halal-certified products among both Muslim and non-Muslim consumers.

14 Jun 2024 Read more
digital marketing in sea automotive lubricant market

Automotive & Mobility

How Digital Marketing is Transforming the Automotive Lubricants Market in Southeast Asia

In recent years, digital marketing has emerged as a transformative force in the Southeast Asian (SEA) automotive lubricants market. The region's rapidly growing internet penetration and increasing smartphone usage have created fertile ground for innovative digital strategies. This evolution is reshaping how companies engage with customers and streamline their operations, offering numerous opportunities for growth and efficiency.

13 Jun 2024 Read more
global environmentally

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Exploring New Business Models for a Sustainable Future

Transitioning towards new sustainability business models can help companies drive positive change and contribute to a more sustainable future.

09 May 2024 Read more
Automotive Lubricants Value Chain in Southeast Asia

Automotive & Mobility

Revolutionizing the Automotive Lubricants Value Chain in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian (SEA) automotive lubricants market operates within a well-defined value chain, spanning various stages crucial for the production, distribution, and consumption of lubricants. The structure encompasses three primary segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream.

26 Apr 2024 Read more
halal market malaysia

Consumer & Retail

A Look at the Halal Industry in Southeast Asia

The halal industry in Southeast Asia faces a convergence of challenges and opportunities that shape its trajectory in the global landscape.

18 Mar 2024 Read more
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