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Market Research

Comprehensive market research to give your business a competitive edge and keep up with the business environment in Malaysia

Market Research

Market Research Malaysia provides advisory services for businesses in the construction, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications, energy, and financial services industries. Through data-driven market research, we help you understand your target market, gain insight into your competition, identify potential challenges, and develop the right stategies to grow in the local market.

Our team of established consultants will support your business in anticipating market trends, consumer demands, and potential threats. We will assist you by providing actionable recommendations to guide your business activities towards sustained growth in the Malaysian market. We will examine your current systems and decide how you can prepare for specific challenges, opportunities, and risks that can come with your unique position.

Market Research Malaysia

Market Research Malaysia also conducts market sizing to help you identify whether you have the sufficient capacity to enter or expand in your desired market. We will provide an accurate assessment to ensure that you will thrive upon entering new markets. Our consultants conduct thorough research of the local economy, the industry and environment, the market size, and local regulations involved in the Malaysian market.

Whether it's a new geographical market or an addition to your product portfolio, we will create a strategy to help you decide on expanding in the industry or country where you plan to grow your business.

Our Service Offerings

Other Case Studies

  • complimentary product in ASEAN

    Market Assessment of Complementary Product

    Performing market assessment to develop a complimentary product in ASEAN for a leading American engine manufacturer.

  • opportunity analysis for fm malaysia

    Opportunity Analysis for Facilities Management in Malaysia

    Building in-depth industry analysis for Malaysian Property Developer an in-depth analysis of 10 industry sectors, namely Oil & Gas piping, Airports, etc.

  • regional site selection feasibility

    Regional Site Selection Feasibility and Cost Analysis

    YCP Solidiance re-assessed location of Asian processing facility based on increased volumes and analyzed processing operational costs, transportation time and costs, as well as duty/tax implications.

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

See how we make impacts to our clients through evidence-based insights and strategy recommendations.

Case Studies
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Read Our Insights

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